Nikki Haley Calls Congress a “Privileged Nursing Home”

( – Nikki Haley called Congress the “most privileged nursing home” in the country during remarks at a campaign event in South Carolina on Sunday, January 28th. Haley was advocating for term limits when she made the remark. She also suggested mental competency tests for politicians over the age of 75.

She qualified her remarks by suggesting there are plenty of older Americans “who can run circles around us,” but contrasted those individuals with someone like Joe Biden who is in obvious mental decline and holds a position of high authority. She then suggested Congress was a privileged nursing home which earned her some laughs from the audience.

Haley highlighted how decision makers need to be not just mentally competent, but at their peak operating capacity. She suggested vital decisions about economics or foreign relations can’t be made by individuals whose brains aren’t firing on all cylinders.

Haley has highlighted how both front runners are over the age of 75. Trump is 77 and President Joe Biden is 81. Biden has broken the record as the oldest sitting president ever.

A theme of Haley’s presidential campaign has been trying to get younger people involved in the political process, including running for office. At the time, viral clips of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) freezing during a press briefing went viral. Haley suggested geriatric politicians are a problem for both political parties.

Haley previously criticized former President Trump for confusing her with Nancy Pelosi. Trump mentioned Nicki Haley instead of Nancy Pelosi when discussing the J6 Committee. Haley commented at the time suggesting Trump has experienced significant mental decline in the years following his first term.

Trump responded by suggesting he would beat Haley in a cognitive test.

While Haley continues to challenge Trump in the primary process, it’s all but clear he’s the winner of the Republican nomination. He currently commands a 57-point lead in averages of national polls. Haley has maintained her position that she’ll stay in the race until Super Tuesday, a single day in March when 11 states hold their primaries.

Trump’s supporters have suggested Haley is an establishment puppet and Democrat operative whose only purpose in the race is to attack Donald Trump.

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