Nikki Haley Loses Koch Funding after Home State Defeat

( – Americans for Prosperity (AFP) Action has decided to cease the financial support of Republican presidential candidate and former South Carolina Governor, Nikki Haley. The influential conservative network is funded by billionaire Charles Koch.

The decision to end funding for Haley came after Haley was defeated by Donald Trump in her home state of South Carolina during the GOP primary on Saturday, February 24th. Emily Seidel, a senior advisor for AFP Action, stated that although AFP Action will continue to endorse Haley, they will be focusing their financial resources on the U.S. House and Senate where they believe a difference can be made. Backing Haley was the first time the organization had pledged to support a single contender in the GOP presidential primary.

AFP Action began endorsing Haley in November as she fought to become the leading alternative to Donald Trump in the GOP primary. Despite Trump’s win on Saturday and growing pressure for Haley to step down and allow breathing room for Trump to focus solely on defeating Joe Biden, Haley has not dropped out of the race and has made her way to Michigan ahead of Tuesday’s primary. She has pledged to continue in the race until Super Tuesday. According to Haley, 70% of Americans are wanting to avoid a re-match between Donald Trump and President Joe Biden.

Haley has said she is “not worried” about losing the funding from AFP Action and praises the organization for their conservative beliefs and their partnership and support. Haley stated that over $1 million in funding from “grassroots conservatives” was raised within 24 hours and she continues to keep going because “We have a country to save”.

Now that Donald Trump is the front-runner for the Republican presidential nominee, AFP Action has moved its financial resources to the congressional level by endorsing candidates running for Senate and House seats claiming this is the best way to “optimize resources”.

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