NYC Father and Stepson Tragically Killed by Neighbor During Dispute Over Noise

( – A graphic video shows the moments before and after a noise complaint in Brooklyn turned deadly. On the evening of October 29th, years of noise complaints bubbled over into a murderous rage.

The wife and mother of the victims, Marie Delille said that the assailant, Jason Pass, 47, had complained for years about people walking around upstairs and the resultant noise from footsteps on a hardwood floor. Anyone who’s ever lived in an apartment building knows this kind of noise is expected – nearly unavoidable, even – and a regular occurrence.

Pass had gone upstairs to once again complain. Delille said that Pass had banged on his ceiling/their floor multiple times and they stomped back in reply. This earned them a kick on their door, which caused the family to confront the man outside of their apartment.

The video begins with her husband, Bladimy Mathurin, 47, putting on shoes and going out to confront the man, he exits and then re-enters the apartment. The surveillance video has no audio so their words weren’t recorded. Delille then exits and begins a conversation. Her son, Chinwai Mode, 27, joins her. Moments later, Mathurin comes out with scissors in his hand which he uses to threaten Pass.

Delille attempts to pull Mathurin back, failing, as he’s much larger and stronger than his wife. While Delille is attempting to rein in her husband, Pass pulls out a .45 caliber handgun, pointing it at Mathurin. He attempts to return to their apartment and as he’s walking away Pass opens fire.

Mathurin’s unarmed stepson, Mode, moves toward the firing gunman and is shot multiple times at close range, collapsing on the ground. Pass fires a final shot into his head, killing the young man. He then walks over to Mathurin who is attempting to stand and executes him.

Police recovered nine .45-caliber shell casings from the scene of the crime. The complex itself has been home to many famous New York residents. Barbara Streisand lived there as a teenage girl, Michael K. Williams of “The Wire” also grew up in the complex.

Pass had one prior arrest for robbery in 1992 and was fired from his job as a state correctional officer in 2005. He was shot and killed by police when they attempted to arrest him.

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