Paris Streets Lined with Bed Bug-Riddled Mattresses

( – A viral video showing the streets of Paris lined with several mattresses is indicative of the current bedbug pandemic sweeping the city.

Aarya Bondge, 18, was walking home from class when she spotted the assortment of mattresses on the street and shot a quick video. She told a local news outlet that some of them were covered with plastic wrappers, and they seemed to be new as well as old mattresses.

She was walking in the 9th district on the Rue Saint Lazare where multiple hotels line the streets. She suggested that the outpouring of mattresses came from the hotels. She said she wasn’t sure why they were tossing so many mattresses but presumed the bedbug problem could have had something to do with it.

She said that many people on the subway are still refusing to sit down on the seats. She said she would stand for an hour before she would touch any of the seats.

The problem has become so severe it’s been treated like a public health emergency. The government crafted an action plan to address the problem which includes cleaning subway cars and inspecting cinemas or restaurants where problems are reported.

Typically bedbugs infect private residences and occasionally a hotel, but the problem in Paris has spread to gyms, cinemas, offices, and public transit.

It’s especially concerning in light of a new study that claimed bed bugs could spread dangerous bacteria. The bugs could spread antibiotic-resistant staph infections (MRSA), but medical professionals have countered that such instances are incredibly rare.

Dr. Bruce Hirsh is a doctor with Northwell Health in New York. He told Fox News Digital that the association between MRSA and bed bugs does exist, though documented cases were “very unusual.” Hirsh said that regularly maintaining your bed sheets and good hygiene are key in combating the infection.

Bed bugs are indicated by small brown dots in the creases of a mattress, and often the bugs themselves can even be spotted. Multiple bite marks, often in a line, will crop up overnight, leading some folks to have an itchy irritated morning. Some individuals, especially those with an allergy to bedbug bites, may notice swelling around the bite area and severe itching, even hours after the bite occurs. Any suspicion of bed bugs should warrant contacting your landlord or a pest control professional, as the problem will get much worse over time if ignored.

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