Passenger Tackled and Duct Taped on Plane

( – A man opened an external emergency door during an American Airlines flight from Albuquerque to Chicago on February 20th. The man was tackled by passengers and restrained until the plane could make an emergency landing by returning to Albuquerque.

Fox News obtained a video recording made by one of the passengers. The video showed the flight crew working with passengers to duct-tape the man’s hands and feet together so he couldn’t injure himself or others. The man was on the ground in the aisle while they worked to bind his legs and arms. They then moved him to the back of the plane, where there were some open seats.

Another video showed the moment the man was escorted off the plane by law enforcement after landing. The man is seen handcuffed and is reportedly “smiling” according to whomever took the video. The resolution is too low to make out the man’s expression on the video itself, however.

One male passenger reported that he was awoken from his food and booze-induced stupor by a ruckus four rows behind him. He was shocked to discover someone attempting to aggressively open the emergency door. He said it took half a dozen men to tackle, wrestle, and restrain the man on the ground.

Another woman described how he successfully opened the emergency door creating a rush of wind in the cabin, frightening the passengers. She said it was one of the most frightening experiences in her entire life.

American Airlines confirmed the episode in comments given to The U.S. Sun. They said Flight 1219 from Albuquerque to Chicago turned around after a “disturbance” on board resulted from a “disruptive customer.” They added that the plane was able to safely return to Albuquerque and law enforcement arrested the disruptive man.

Additional information regarding charges and the man’s identity was not immediately available. Witnesses reported gratitude toward the men and crew who quickly acted to restrain the suspect.

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