Patrick McHenry Announces Intention to Retire

( – U.S. House Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-NC) announced his intention to retire next year saying he will not be seeking another term in office. McHenry said there was a season for all things and that his time in Congress has come to an end. McHenry represents the areas north and west of Charlotte which have traditionally been a solid Republican seat.

The 48-year-old Congressman has served North Carolina’s 10th district for almost 20 years, winning his first term in 2004. He was also the Speaker pro-tempore for a few weeks between the ousting of Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) from the role until they finally voted in Mike Johnson (R-LA) on October 25th.

McHenry is married with two daughters and a North Carolina native, having grown up in the area around Gastonia. He graduated from North Carolina State University and Belmont Abbey College. He previously worked for George W. Bush’s 2000 Presidential campaign and served in North Carolina’s General Assembly in 2002-2004.

McHenry criticized the media for making a fuss over congressional departures, which are ostensibly a very normal part of every Congress and electoral cycle.

He said the “handwringing and ink spilled” regarding the future of Congress were based on exaggerated concerns. He further said that the body had changed a lot in his 20 years working in D.C.

Giving upbeat and optimistic remarks, McHenry illustrated his vision of new leaders emerging from the “lumpy and disjointed” process. He insisted many folks in the body were “smart and capable” and had faith in the next generation.

McHenry is currently the chairman of the House Financial Services Committee and was the House Republican chief deputy whip before that. Major accomplishments listed by his office include the 2017 Tax Cuts and Job Act which reduced corporate taxes. McHenry was also one of the lead negotiators for the GOP on raising the debt ceiling last spring. During the Obama administration, he wrote and worked to pass a law that allowed startup employees to sell their stock options to investors, facilitating the growth of the business.

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