Pizza Hut Employee Accused of Murdering His Manager

( – A young man jealous of an inheritance seems to have let the situation go to his head. Kavonn Ingram, 31, was arrested on multiple charges for allegedly murdering his boss at Pizza Hut where he worked in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Ingram will face charges including first-degree murder, armed robbery, felony gun possession, and concealing a body.

A garbage truck driver discovered the corpse of Alexander Stengel, Ingram’s manager at the restaurant, on February 7th. His body was wrapped in large black trash bags and placed in the restaurant’s garbage. Ingram’s murder was so incompetently executed that he left a trail of blood from the back of the restaurant to the trash area and was caught on video dragging the trash can with the body, according to court documents.

Camera footage from a nearby Taco Bell revealed the suspect dragging a heavy trash can from the restaurant to the trash area outside. The path on the video matched up to the blood trail found by police. Police said that the same camera proved that no one else interacted with that trash can between February 5th and 7th.

Police also said that the suspect attempted to pose as Stengel, using his phone to call out from work suggesting Stengel wasn’t feeling well and would be taking time off.

Investigators discovered that Stengel’s wallet, cell phone, and keys were all missing according to local affiliate WISN. Stengel had cashed a $7,000 inheritance check before he went to work on February 5th, the same day police believe he was murdered.

Police reported that the kitchen area of the restaurant was uncharacteristically clean while discovering traces of blood on a mop head which was left in a sink as well as on a light switch in a closet.

Stengel was shot in the head and likely suffered blunt force trauma, according to the medical examiner. Those findings resulted in the cause of death being ruled a homicide.

After securing a warrant, police found a loaded gun and a check inside Ingram’s residence; both items had blood splatter on them. Ingram’s bail was set at $200,000.

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