Potential VP Joins Trump for Jersey Shore Rally After Another Hopeful Dropped

(BrightPress.org) – North Dakota governor Doug Burgum and his wife Kathryn accompanied Donald Trump to a presidential campaign rally in Wildwood, New Jersey on Saturday, May 11th. Burgum is now one of the many contenders to become Trump’s running mate in the 2024 presidential elections. The couple flew with Trump from LaGuardia Airport to Atlantic City, New Jersey aboard Trump’s Boeing 747 nicknamed “Trump Force One.”

Burgum gave the first speech at the rally in the state of predominantly Democrat voters. He told the crowd it is “important for the country” that Trump gets re-elected. Burgum said that as a governor who has served under both Trump and President Joe Biden, he has had a “front-row seat” to the differences in leadership. Burgum equated Trump to strength and Biden to weakness. He said if voters want America to be strong again, “you know what to do.”

Sixty-seven-year-old Burgum ran his own presidential campaign before dropping out in December. He endorsed Donald Trump as he left the race. When asked if he was being considered for the vice president position he said there were still several names on Trump’s “short list” for running mates. Burgum said he and his wife are helping Trump’s campaign because they care about America.

The rally drew an estimated 80,000-100,000 people who were at one point chanting an expletive along with Trump because they agree with him that “everything [Democrats] touch turns into …. !” Trump himself may have hinted that Burgum will be his choice for vice president. Trump told the crowd Burgum is knowledgeable and “you won’t find anybody better.” He then told Burgum, “Get ready for something, okay, just get ready.”

Trump squelched all speculation that Nikki Haley had jumped to the top of his list of contenders with a social media post that said she is not under consideration for the position but, “I wish her well!” Haley ran her own campaign until dropping out after Super Tuesday. She did not endorse Trump when she left the race.

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