Proud Boys Member Sentenced to Six Years for Capitol Riot After Mocking Judge

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( – A man who entered the Capitol on January 6th was sentenced to six years in prison after he mocked and berated the judge who considered his complaints a lack of remorse.

Marc Bru interjected multiple times to mock Chief Judge James Boasberg before the sentence was announced, saying he was a “fraud” and a “clown,” and calling the proceedings a “kangaroo court.” Bru was warned that he could be removed from the courtroom for continued verbal interruptions.

Bru suggested that the amount of prison time he received was inconsequential and that he’d “do it all” again.

Prosecutors considered Bru to be one of the least remorseful rioters who broke into the Capitol on January 6th, 2021. They shared evidence that suggested Bru wanted to have a second riot in Portland, Oregon, weeks after the riot at the Capitol. They said Bru was calling for an “armed insurrection” during that second event and he was hoping for violence.

Bru has represented himself legally while consulting an attorney. When Bru’s hearing began, he demanded to see the financial records for the prosecuting attorney and the judge going back five years.

Bru told the court that he wasn’t going to accept any terms or conditions while calling the judge a clown. Prosecutors were aware that Bru would be disruptive during his sentencing after he told supporters the prior evening he was going to “put on a good show.”

Trump has suggested J6 prisoners are being held hostage. Many of the men were convicted or pleaded under threat of an obstruction of an official proceeding charge which carries a maximum penalty of up to twenty years. The use of the charge is being contested and the SCOTUS will hear the case this year with a ruling likely by the summer.

Recent J6 revelations have suggested the pipe bombs planted that day were put there by federal officials while criticism of Ray Epps led to him being slapped on the wrist by prosecutors. Scrutiny of the day’s events is likely to continue over time.

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