Republican Announces Bill To Ban Officials From Removing Barriers At Border

( – Republicans in Congress are sponsoring a bill that would prevent the federal government from removing any obstacles installed by Texas or any other state along the southern border to prevent illegals from crossing.

The bill is called the Restricting Administration Zealots from Obliging Raiders (RAZOR) Act and it is sponsored by Rep. Mike Collins (R-CA). The bill was introduced on January 24th following the Supreme Court ruling that temporarily authorized Border Patrol to remove and clear razor wire fencing installed by the Texas National Guard to block crossings in Shelby Park, near Eagle Pass, Texas.

That case will continue before the Supreme Court, the temporary authorization was not a final ruling on the subject.

Collins announced the introduction of the RAZOR Act in a post to X (Twitter). The bill is designed to outlaw any federal agency from removing border barriers. Collins suggested that Congress has “a moral imperative” and offered his legislation as a potential remedy.

Collins accused Biden of “aiding and abetting” illegal immigrants, highlighting how they’re granted taxpayer-funded food stamps, monthly stipends, and free cell phones. He inquired what the purpose was of Biden preventing Texas from deploying border defenses. He urged Congress to “stand with [Texas] Governor Greg Abbott” in his attempts to defend the border.

Collins has thanked several congressional colleagues for co-sponsoring the bill.

SCOTUS sided with the Biden administration in a narrow 5-4 decision, reversing an appeals court ruling that said Border Patrol could not remove the wire. The federal government argued that the barriers prevented them from enforcing immigration law which the Constitution gives them sole authority over.

Abbott and Texas AG Ken Paxton have argued that the swarms of illegals coming over the border constitutes an invasion, which activates Article I, Section 10, Clause 3 which grants states the authority to defend themselves from invasion when the federal government fails to do so.

Many Republican states and Congressional allies have come out and supported Texas’ right to defend itself and the nation from invasion.

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