RFK Jr. Apologizes for Super Bowl Commercial

(BrightPress.org) – Robert F. Kennedy Jr. issued a public apology in comments on X after a super PAC produced a campaign advertisement that mirrored an old JFK ad that aired during the Superbowl.

If you’re wondering why that would prompt an apology, consider JFK has a rather extended family with many children, cousins, etc. A few of those, namely Bobby Shriver and his brother, Mark, complained that their uncle and mother’s faces appeared briefly in the advertisement.

Bobby Shriver is engaged in what he calls “health care work” with a large nonprofit called RED. RED takes millions of dollars from pharmaceutical companies like Merck, from which Bobby draws a salary.

RFK has been a vocal critic of vaccines, including the experimental injections marketed over the last few years for a viral cough. He regularly chastised the industry before announcing his presidential bid and has been denounced by members of the Kennedy clan for speaking his mind on the subject.

Kennedy’s opinions are so outside the Overton window that the New York Times itself printed a scathing attack, accusing him of rampant “misinformation.” Indeed, if you run a web search for Kennedy and vaccines you’ll get a litany of articles attacking the man.

That brings us to American Values 2024 running a derivative advertisement wherein they took an old JFK campaign commercial and spliced RFK’s image over JFK. The message is that RFK will bring us back to classic American values and happier times as a nation.

Kennedy’s campaign had nothing to do with the advertisement; legally PACs (political action committees) cannot coordinate with campaigns due to campaign finance laws.

The Democrats recently accused Kennedy’s campaign of illegally working with the PAC, which Kennedy laughed off in comments on X. Kennedy suggested that they were diverting focus from President Biden who was revealed to have severe mental difficulties with memory, according to Special Counsel Robert Hur.

Many are now questioning whether Biden will be the candidate at all, considering his severe cognitive decline.

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