Right-Wingers Try to Create Exclusive White Christian Community

(BrightPress.org) – Right-wing real estate developers are attempting to create an ideologically aligned community for conservatives in southern Kentucky. The organizers bill the project as an attempt to allow conservatives to move to a community where the members have similar values and religious ideas.

The Highland Rim Project (HRP) also stands to make a significant profit if their plots of land sell at the advertised prices. The project was announced on X (Twitter) by Joshua Abbotoy. Abbotoy is the managing director of the venture capital fund behind the project, New Founding.

Abbotoy has been coy about who will be allowed to purchase land in the development and how they would discriminate among potential buyers. He’s suggested that the leadership would be mostly filled by Protestant Christians but otherwise hasn’t given any indication as to how they plan to enact their vision.

Abbotoy has suggested that the residents would eventually seek political influence in local elections, and ultimately create more model communities in the future. He said that in a few short decades, they could be seeking to control the entire state’s politics, should their movement gain in popularity.

New Founding’s website suggests it’s anti-DEI/ESG and wants to support companies with a positive vision of America. It also promotes the affiliated HRP on its website and suggests it’s seeking to establish “aligned communities.”

Most of the lots for sale vary in price, smaller ones are available for $30-40,000 while larger premium lots have asking prices around $50-60,000 or higher. One of the lots has an asking price of $399,000.

The two developments – Longhollow Acres and the Bend – were purchased by the developers for $900,000 and $1.03M, respectively, according to publicly available documents and research performed by the Guardian. Abbotoy and his partners (including his father who helped craft the real estate plan) stand to bring in upwards of $2.27M if they sell all the lots at Longhollow for their asking price. They’ll raise $2.05M if they sell all the lots at the Bend.

That would leave them with $2.39M in profits, suggesting there may be more to the project than simply creating ideologically aligned communities.

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