Squad Member Turns on Biden Ahead of Michigan Primary

(BrightPress.org) – Rep. Rashida Tlaib (R-MI) is urging her constituents to vote “uncommitted” in her state’s primary to send a message to the Biden administration and his campaign handlers that they aren’t happy with how he’s handled the violence in Gaza. In the brief video, Tlaib said she wanted to remind everyone about early voting.

The video was posted to an account called “Listen to Michigan,” which is a progressive lobbying group based in the state focused on prodding the administration to end the conflict in Gaza by taking a harder line with Israel.

The fighting in Gaza has been intense over the last few months as the Israeli military is attempting to eliminate Hamas, a terrorist organization and de facto government authority in Gaza. Ironically Israel helped install the organization, originally propping it up as an alternative to Yasser Arafat’s Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) in the early 2000s. The phenomenon of fighting previous allies is known as “blowback” and is similar to what happened with the Taliban in Afghanistan. There are quite a few historical examples.

With roughly 30,000 dead and tens of thousands of injuries, Gaza has become a post-apocalyptic version of itself. Bombed-out buildings are all that remains of its cities and much of its infrastructure is damaged or destroyed. Israel is planning an additional military operation in the city of Rafah; the so-called “last bastion of Hamas” is also currently sheltering 1.5 million Palestinian refugees.

Tlaib told voters that if they want to send a message to Biden, vote “uncommitted” in the primary to let him know they mean business. She said the act would amplify their message to the administration.

Tlaib had a meeting with Biden campaign manager Julie Chávez Rodriguez in late January. This move to tell people to vote uncommitted suggests that the meeting didn’t go over well. Biden has publicly issued comments condemning the ongoing bloodshed, but talk is cheap and the war continues.

Meanwhile, the Senate approved a $95 billion measure which includes $9.5 billion for humanitarian support in Gaza as well as $14.1 billion for Israel. It’s as if the United States is financially propping up both sides in the conflict.

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