Three-Month-Old Killed by Pet Hybrid Wolf

( – An infant just 3 months old was killed by the family’s pet wolf-dog hybrid in Chelsea, Alabama, on Thursday, November 30th.

Mayor Tony Picklesimer said authorities responded to an emergency request for help after the wolf-hybrid pet attacked the infant. Circumstances surrounding the attack were unclear, though it was acknowledged that other children were in the home at the time.

The responding officers and medical were able to extract and rush the infant to the Grandview Medical Center, but unfortunately, the injuries were too severe and the child died in the process.

The animal was destroyed and the remains will be examined by the Alabama State Diagnostic Laboratory to see if there was anything unusual at play, like an infection.

The Shelby County Sheriff’s Department said their investigation is ongoing after confirming the child was killed by an animal attack by the family’s exotic pet. He said they were “deeply saddened” by the tragic loss of life and that will keep the family in their prayers as they process the loss.

Wolf-dog hybrids are notoriously unstable and unpredictable due to the combination of a wild animal’s genetics with that of something domesticated. According to research, they’re more prone to bite and display other aggressive behaviors than fully domesticated dogs. They’ve also been becoming more popular due to their wolfish appearance and large size. This popularity may be partially attributed to the appearance of similar animal companions in media, such as the direwolves in “Game of Thrones.”

Wolf dogs require a strong hand, extensive training, and careful attention to raise properly, and certainly shouldn’t be alone around small children. Wolves themselves are prohibited as pets and protected by Alabama state law.

A viral video recently showcased a Texas mother who defended her small son from a stray dog attack. The boy suffered a bite to his abdomen but fortunately escaped more severe injuries.

Dog attacks in the U.S. claim roughly 30-50 lives every year, according to Wikipedia. Aggressive dogs must be controlled by their owners, who are often financially and legally held liable for the damage their animals cause.

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