Trump Admin Official Shot In DC, In Critical Condition

( – A Republican man and former member of the Trump administration was shot and critically injured during a carjacking in the nation’s capital on the evening of Monday, January 29th.

Mike Gill was the chief operating officer in charge of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) under Trump’s previous administration. He was shot during a string of carjackings that ultimately concluded with the perpetrator being shot and killed by police early Tuesday morning in Maryland.

Gill remains in critical condition in the hospital, he was picking up his wife on K Street on Capitol Hill just a few blocks away from the White House when he was assaulted.

According to reporting by the Washington Post, the same suspect is alleged to have pulled off two carjackings with a third attempt. One of the victims has already died.

Police described the assailant entering Gill’s parked vehicle, shooting him, and then running away on foot. Gill exited the car and collapsed on the ground. His wife exited the building and found him on the ground bleeding.

The suspect then shot and killed another victim on the street and stole their car. Police explained that the perpetrator was identified by a member of the public who was able to help police locate him.

The suspect drove the vehicle to Prince George’s County, Maryland, where he carjacked another driver in a Toyota. Shortly thereafter, he called a rideshare service and then carjacked that vehicle.

Around 2:30 a.m. on Tuesday, someone fired on a police cruiser on D.C. 295. The Nissan driven in that incident was located without the driver and while police were examining the vehicle an armed man approached them and was shot and killed by police.

There have been almost 1,000 carjackings in Washington, D.C. throughout 2023. FBI agents, congressmen, and staffers have all experienced the threat of violence. A few weeks back, thugs attempted to steal a Secret Service vehicle parked outside the residence of Biden’s granddaughter.

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