Trump Allies Slammed with Indictments

( – On Wednesday, April 24th, an Arizona grand jury indicted multiple people connected to Donald Trump for alleged crimes related to the 2020 presidential election. Arizona Attorney General Kris Mayes brought the charges after a thirteen-month investigation of alleged attempts to keep Donald Trump in office after he lost the election. The charges include conspiracy, fraud, and forgery for allegedly attempting to change the Arizona election results.

According to Mayes, eleven Trump supporters gathered at the GOP headquarters in Phoenix one month after the general election and signed fake certificates falsely claiming to be Arizona’s electors to the Electoral College. The list of those indicted as “fake electors” includes: Kelli Ward, Anthony Kern, Jake Hoffman, Michael Ward, Tyler Bowyer, Greg Safsten, Jim Lamon, Robert Montgomery, Samuel Moorhead, Nancy Cottle, and Loraine Pellegrino.

The names of others indicted but not yet served were redacted, but descriptions used in the document clearly identified individuals such as Mark Meadows, Rudolph W. Giuliani, Boris Epshteyn, Mike Roman, Jenna Ellis, Christina Bobb, and John Eastman for advising or aiding in the attempt to overturn election results. Trump was referred to in the indictment as “Unindicted Coconspirator 1.”

A statement posted on X by the Republican Party of Arizona claims the indictment is an “unprecedented abuse” of power meant only as a distraction from current issues including the 2024 presidential election where Donald Trump and Joe Biden will be opponents once again. The post continued to slam the timing of the indictment claiming the charges are politically motivated and designed to interfere with the 2024 election process.

Six other states allegedly had false documents certified by “fake electors” after the 2020 election. Those accused of signing the documents in Nevada, Georgia, and Michigan have already been charged.

Those charged as “fake electors” have insisted they followed the law. Giuliani’s spokesperson Ted Goodman said the justice system is being “weaponized” and used to do “irrevocable harm” to the United States. Eastman’s attorney said he is confident of his client’s innocence and will continue to fight all unjust charges.

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