Trump Asks for Votes, Even if the Voters Die

( – President Trump jokingly insinuated that voting for him in the Iowa primary was worth any cost, including the life of the voter. Trump quipped that it’s important for folks to get out and vote in the Iowa caucus despite the extreme weather.

Windchill is estimated around -40 degrees Fahrenheit with most of the temperatures in Iowa below freezing. A blizzard also rolled through the prior weekend, creating icy conditions on the roads.

Trump suggested voters had to get out and vote, even if they were “sick as a dog.” He suggested folks remember that “it’s worth it,” even if they die shortly after voting. Trump’s message certainly resonated with his voters, with the former President sweeping the Iowa caucus and getting over 51% of the vote.

Some analysts considered the weather a wildcard, but Trump’s dedicated base clearly turned out to make themselves heard. Ron DeSantis ended up taking 2nd place with 21.2% and Nikki Haley came in behind him at 19.1%. Vivek Ramaswamy announced the end of his campaign as the evening came to a close, he received just 7.7% of the vote.

Ramaswamy said that his campaign was based on truth and he had to face the hard truth that there just wasn’t enough popular support for him to pursue the Oval Office this time around.

Speaking with supporters in Iowa, Ramaswamy said that he called Trump to congratulate him and that he had his full endorsement going forward.

Trump destroyed previous records two-fold; he received the highest percentage of any caucus candidate in Iowa’s history at 51%. The prior record holder for the highest percentage of the vote was George W. Bush in 2000 with 41%. The largest margin of victory in years past was held by Bob Dole who in 1988 held a lead of 12% over George Bush Sr. Trump beat both those records with 51% of the vote and a nearly 30-point lead over runner-up Ron DeSantis.

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