Trump Calls Robert De Niro a Loser

( – Former President Donald Trump responded to comments made during the Gotham Awards show last Monday, November 27th. Famed actor Robert De Niro took a moment out of his speech to criticize the former president, claiming on stage that someone had edited the diatribe without his approval and reading the complete version off his phone.

De Niro laid into Trump for lying, suggesting he lied “more than 30,000 times” while President and called him a charlatan. He continued claiming Trump attacks weak people, destroys nature, and is disrespectful because he used Pocahontas as a slur for Sen. Elizabeth Warren (who claimed she was Native American when DNA tests showed the percentage was marginal).

Trump responded on Truth Social, writing that De Niro’s “acting talents have greatly diminished” and suggested his reputation was “shot.” He also knocked De Niro for using “foul and disgusting language” and said he was being disrespectful to the country in using it.

De Niro has been a vocal critic of Trump’s presidential bid from the start in 2015. He’s recently been quoted suggesting the country won’t survive another term of President Trump.

Trump called De Niro “unwatchable” and tore into the Academy Awards show, calling the latter a “low-rated afterthought.”

De Niro has taken criticism to an entirely new level suggesting Trump is flat-out “evil” in a quote from October. He said that his experience studying criminals so he could act them in films left him with the impression that Trump wasn’t “a bad man,” but rather “an evil one.”

He continued claiming Trump doesn’t possess the ability to discern right from wrong and has no ethics whatsoever. The claims are curiously at odds with Trump’s record of ending international conflicts and avoiding initiating any new ones.

De Niro’s extensive denunciation claimed that Trump is “a wannabe tough guy,” lacking moral or ethical constraints. The simple fact remains that the only reason anyone listens to De Niro’s remarks is his ample fame as a movie star. Actors are paid to repeat lines on screen and make them convincing, they aren’t paid to perform objective historical and political analysis.

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