Trump Gets Disqualified From Colorado’s Presidential Ballot

( – The Colorado Supreme Court issued a splash in the news cycle as Americans head into the Christmas holiday. The state court declared former President Donald Trump participated in an insurrection, despite never being convicted of the crime in any court, and as such is barred from appearing on Colorado’s ballot in the 2024 election.

The court did stay its own ruling, however, in the 4-3 decision pending input from the U.S. Supreme Court. Most legal experts commenting on the fiasco agree that the SCOTUS will overturn the decision.

Trump’s campaign responded by pointing out that everyone on the court was appointed by Democrats. They added that the group pushing the lawsuit to bar Trump from appearing on the ballot is funded by infamous billionaire George Soros. Soros is renowned for using his extreme wealth to influence American politics, in recent years he was accused of buying district attorneys who do his bidding.

Writing for the majority opinion, the justices said they were simply applying the law and weren’t swayed by public opinion. Justice Carlos Samour, writing for the dissenting justices, said that a lawsuit cannot be used to block Trump from the ballot as it deprives him of due process rights, noting that Trump hasn’t been convicted of the crime of insurrection in any court.

Samour said that his due process rights were inalienable and a conviction is required before barring him from the ballot on that basis.

Colorado is a majority Democrat state which suggests Trump wouldn’t win regardless; however, barring him from the ballot would deny him significant numbers of votes which would count toward the general election tallies. It also disenfranchises Republican voters who turn out for Trump exclusively and wouldn’t otherwise vote in the 2024 electoral contest.

Trump’s campaign promised a quick appeal to the SCOTUS and pointed out that the Democrats are getting twitchy due to Trump’s lead in all the major polls. Trump’s legal team argued in court that the riot at the Capitol doesn’t qualify as an insurrection for a variety of reasons including lack of weapons or intent to overthrow the government.

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