Trump’s Plan to Save Mar-a-Lago Has One Major Problem

( – Donald Trump has multiple options to stop the liquidation of Mar-A-Lago in Florida as a consequence of the highly questionable ruling coming out of a New York court, claiming he engaged in fraud when he secured a loan based on the property value of the estate at the time. The judge-only trial led by lifelong Democrat Judge Arthur Engoron concluded by convicting Trump and his companies of fraud for “overestimating” the value of Mar-A-Lago to secure a loan to purchase more properties.

Despite Trump’s team pointing out that the loan was paid back in full, and that there is no standing for a legal case against him, Judge Engoron in collaboration with New York Attorney General Letitia James (who ran on a platform of using her office to pursue Trump), convicted Trump of fraud and ordered he pay hefty fines that will undoubtedly impact his ability to fund his 2024 presidential campaign.

Trump will claim that Mar-A-Lago is his private residence to utilize Florida’s fiercely protective state constitution against seizure and auction of the property. Florida is notorious for defending assets in the state from seizure due to out-of-state court rulings.

New York lawyer Paul Golden spoke with Newsweek about the potential for Trump’s properties to be seized. Golden suggested that Trump will use his Florida residency to protect his assets in the state, but suggested he’ll have to prove it’s his primary residence as Democrats will argue it’s a private club and not his home.

Former assistant attorney general Tristan Snell said any Trump properties associated with his New York businesses could be seized after the court revoked their licenses. Golden said Trump could call upon the Florida constitution but he’d have to prove his status as “a natural person” and that he’s a Florida resident actively living at the property.

Since part of the estate is a home and much of it is a private club, the issue is further complicated, Golden suggested.

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