Tuberville Says Biden Policies Could Cause a Bunch of 9/11s

( – Senator Tommy Tuberville had a dire warning for the Biden administration and the rest of the country speaking on Monday to Newsmax on “The Balance.” He pointed out that the sheer volume of terrorists coming over the southern border is in the hundreds, and that’s just the people authorities have picked up.

Anchor Eric Bolling added that there were approximately 24,000 Chinese migrants apprehended at the southern border, suggesting there could be nefarious actors on China’s payroll coming into the country to cause problems. Just a few weeks ago a Chinese biolab was discovered in California, for one example.

Tuberville slammed Biden for his failure to shut the border down, implying that we could have numerous 9/11-style terrorist attacks if we aren’t vigilant about protecting our borders. He said that he was sick of the “spend-spend-spend” mentality of Congress with little to no concern for the safety of the American people or their tax dollars. He said he was having difficulty finding anyone in Congress, Republican or Democrat, who has a conservative attitude.

Instead of closing the border and sending would-be illegal immigrants home, the Biden administration has reassigned border agents from the northern and coastal borders to the south to help process the surge of illegal migrants and asylum seekers flooding in. Fox News has a memo that details the reassignment.

The memo, first obtained by The Daily Caller, said that the U.S. Border Patrol currently had close to 20,000 migrants in custody. It indicates that there have been more “encounters” than “bookouts” which is government-speak for indicating they’ve been picking up migrants faster than they can release them into the U.S. The reassigned agents will use teleconferencing to facilitate their new assignment so they don’t have to travel to the border in person.

The surge has gotten so bad that CBP announced on November 27th that they were temporarily reducing or suspending vehicle processing at some ports of entry. The crossing at Eagle Pass, Texas will suspend vehicle entry while Lukeville, Arizona is being reduced.

Border officials in Tucson, Arizona have reported 15,300 illegal encounters this past week, marking the highest ever for that area.

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