U.S. Intel Gives New “High Confidence” Assessment About Hospital Explosion

(BrightPress.org) – U.S. spymasters are claiming that the explosion that rocked the Al-Ahli Hospital in Gaza was due to a failed rocket of Palestinian origin. Without getting into the details, unnamed officials speaking over the phone explained their belief that the engine and warhead became separated mid-flight due to shoddy manufacturing, resulting in the warhead falling on the hospital parking lot.

The unnamed officials said they had “high confidence” that this was the case, though they did express uncertainty over which armed group in Gaza had fired the rocket in question. Islamic Jihad has been suspected thus far, but there are dozens of armed groups in Gaza.

U.S. officials and Israeli authorities had previously blamed Islamic Jihad for the misfire. They claim to have intercepted communications between Hamas fighters suggesting they were blaming Islamic Jihad. The latest dispatch from U.S. intelligence sources indicates that they cannot be certain who is discussing what, despite their presumed identities over the radio.

The hospital blast has agitated pro-Palestinian protesters around the world, with many of them believing Israel was responsible. The unnamed official claimed that the damage observed was more consistent with Palestinian-made rockets than Israeli weapons.

There have been multiple interpretations from video evidence citing guilt on both sides. A major problem in warzones is determining fact from fiction with both sides willing to deploy deception as readily as bullets or bombs to obtain their objectives. This phenomenon is known as the “fog of war.”

Al-Jazeera did an investigative report where they blamed Israel for the attack. Israel had previously warned the hospital that they were considered a legitimate military target and ordered an evacuation. Israel has vehemently denied responsibility.

Cars in the parking lot were charred and their roofs caved in, suggesting extreme temperature and pressure in the air directly above the parking lot. The high death count is also suggestive of an airburst explosion, according to independent analysis.

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