Visa Scheme Uncovered in Gas Station Robbery

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( – Investigators have discovered that a gas station robbery in Houston, TX, that left one victim dead was actually staged as part of a scam to obtain non-immigrant status in the United States for the victims.

On January 27th, video surveillance shows 22-year-old Rasshuud Scott approaching a male and female couple by the gas pumps at a Swift gas station. Scott is seen appearing to strike the man with a pistol and attempting to flee after taking a purse and wallet from the couple. A bystander pulled out a gun and shot Scott in the head causing his death.

Scott’s widow, Sade Beverly, told police the whole incident “was a set up” as part of an ongoing scam to obtain U-visas. Court documents show messages between Scott and an accomplice, 30-year-old William Winfrey that confirm the robbery was staged. One of the bogus victims in the fake robbery also confirmed it was a set-up designed to obtain a U-visa. Police then recognized a pattern of similar reported robberies that resulted in the victims applying for a U-visa.

U-nonimmigrant status is granted to victims of specific crimes resulting in mental or physical abuse when the victims help authorities investigate or prosecute suspects. Securing a U-visa would allow the victims to qualify for work permits while their case is being investigated.

Winfrey was arrested on Wednesday, April 10th, and charged with murder in Scott’s death. He admitted under oath that he and Scott had been working on the scam for about a year.

The bystander who killed Scott was identified as Jesus Vargas. Vargas initially fled because possessing the firearm used to shoot Scott was a violation of his parole. He eventually spoke to Houston Police and was released.

Beverly blames lax gun laws for Scott’s death even though she admits he was wrongfully participating in the scheme. She believes he should have had the opportunity to “learn the hard way” and “fix his mistakes.” Beverly wants Vargas charged in Scott’s death.

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