Western Governments Outraged by Putin’s Election Victory

(BrightPress.org) – Russian President Vladimir Putin claimed victory in Russia’s presidential election on Monday, March 18th. Putin claimed to have won 87.28% of the vote, establishing a new record. Turnout for the vote was also reported to be at a record high of 77%. This will be Putin’s fifth term as President of Russia.

Only three rivals were allowed to run against Putin, each receiving between only 3.2% and 4.3% of the vote. Western countries have denounced the election as unfair. All 27 European Union countries issued a joint statement agreeing that Russians were denied a “real choice” in the election. Top officials from Germany, France, Britain, and Italy all made statements indicating the election was not free or fair.

A spokesperson for the White House decried the election as unfair due to Putin preventing some political opponents from running against him and imprisoning others. German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock said the EU would “pave the way” for new sanctions against Russia.

Contrary to Western opinion, Putin’s allies congratulated his victory. Chinese President Xi Jinping offered congratulations and expressed his desire to communicate closely with Moscow about a “no limits” partnership agreement established in 2022. Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman expressed readiness to pursue “effective coordination” in OPEC. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said he is ready to strengthen New Delhi’s “strategic partnership” with Moscow. North Korean leader Kim John Un and the President of Iran, Ebrahim Raisi, expressed their desire for “further expansion of bilateral relations with Moscow.”

The people of Russia are concerned and “uneasy” as Putin continues to tell his people that their country is stronger than ever. The few who have spoken out claim Russia’s citizens are “poorer” and “less civilized.” Putin has relentlessly cracked down on dissent and chipped away at civil liberties over the past two years. Putin has either jailed or exiled those who dare to speak against him or doubt his place as leader.

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