“What’s Next?” – Tucker Carlson Issues Dire Warning to Trump

(BrightPress.org) – Investigative journalist Tucker Carlson publicly suggested Trump’s enemies may attempt assassination as the next logical step in preventing his 2024 election. Carlson made the remarks in a discussion with conservative talk show host Dan Bongino on Sunday, December 31st.

In the clip, Carlson highlights all the attempts at stopping Trump in sequential order. He also pointed out that processes are dynamic, which means that if things are escalating we can presume they will continue to do so until they reach a tipping point.

In regards to Trump, Carlson said that they began with protests which proceeded to impeachment, while he was in office. Once he was out of office, they indicted him four times which only improved his poll numbers and rallied his base around him. Carlson then asked, “What’s next?”

He then explained that Trump’s enemies truly believe he is the next Adolf Hitler and that his election in 2024 is the worst possible thing that could happen to the world. If you believe that to be the case, assassination becomes a tenable option and Carlson added that it happens more frequently than we like to admit, even in America.

Suggesting it was not beyond the realm of possibility, Carlson mentioned having dinner with the former President of Haiti and how they discussed the assassination of his successor. He even said that he mentioned the possibility to Trump himself who didn’t engage on the topic. Carlson said that he knows Trump is aware of the possibility, but isn’t sure what he thinks about it.

Carlson also pointed out that there are many true things we “aren’t allowed to say.” He said we’re forbidden from the discussion not because they’re lies or conspiracy theories, but because they’re true and accurate.

One of the biggest truths left is that the establishment will go to any lengths to stop Trump from winning 2024, and if their past behavior is any indication, 2024 will be an interesting year.

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