Biden Fires Back At Special Counsel Saying His Memory Is Fine

( – President Joe Biden insisted his “memory is fine” during a surprise news conference on the evening of February 8th, the same day a special counsel released a damning report covering Biden’s storage of classified documents.

The scathing 345-page report from Department of Justice Special Counsel Robert Hur established that Biden did indeed intentionally keep and share classified files, but decided charges were inappropriate despite Biden having likely broken the law.

Hur said that some of the documents Biden kept had to do with foreign policy and military-related to Afghanistan and were from his time as Vice President. He said that Biden wasn’t chargeable due to the “significant limitations” of his memory. As if highlighting the point, Biden called the President of Egypt Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, the President of Mexico, suggesting he was getting his border issues confused.

When asked about the ongoing Israeli-Gaza war he suggested that “the President of Mexico, Sisi,” didn’t want to open the border for humanitarian aid to cross.

Hur’s report also highlighted how Biden couldn’t clearly remember the years he was vice president (2009 through 2017) or the precise year his son, Beau Biden, died (2015). Biden was offended by even being asked the question, he told reporters that he thought it was “none of their damn business.”

Biden claimed he was overloaded with the responsibilities of the office; his five-hour interview with Hur took place just days after the October 7th surprise attack on Israel by Hamas.

Hur additionally suggested Biden shared classified information with the ghostwriter producing his memoir, which Biden denied.

Ultimately, Hur suggested conviction on a documents-related charge would present a challenge as Biden would appear to be a bumbling old man with a poor recall at trial.

Biden blamed his “staff” for shuffling the documents and putting them in his garage and office in violation of protocol.

The White House legal team additionally took issue with how Hur discussed Biden’s lack of recall by suggesting the language in the report was “highly prejudicial.”

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