DNC Decides on Creative Fix for Biden’s Ohio Ballot Conundrum

Democrat round button on an American flag

(BrightPress.org) – The Democratic National Convention (DNC) proposed a workaround on Tuesday, May 28th, to ensure Joe Biden and Kamala Harris appear on the Ohio ballots in the upcoming presidential election.

Democrats need to certify Biden as the Democratic nominee in the state of Ohio by August 7th, but the DNC doesn’t kick off until August 19th. Legislators in Ohio have been working to find a solution, but have been unsuccessful thus far, so the DNC proposed that Biden and Harris be certified through a virtual roll-call before Ohio’s deadline. The process will be similar to the virtual process used in 2020 during the pandemic.

The traditional in-person roll call would still take place in Chicago as a ceremonial proceeding once the details are worked out.

Ohio has temporarily adjusted the deadline for ballot certification twice since it was changed from 60 to 90 days ahead of the general election to accommodate candidates of both parties in the past.

The Ohio Senate passed a bill with a fix to the ballot issue, but it was attached to a provision prohibiting campaign donations from foreign nationals which Democrats oppose. Governor Mike DeWine called a special session on Tuesday to address the issue. He said it is “prudent” the matter be dealt with legislatively as it is the “right thing to do.” He urged that one or multiple bills to accomplish this “common-sense” goal, come to his desk “right away this week.”

Ohio Democratic Chair Lilz Walters accused Republicans of “playing politics” with democracy. DNC Chair Jamie Harrison said that since Republicans in Ohio have failed to act the “Democrats will land this plane on our own” and fix the problem with the virtual roll-call.

The DNC’s Rules and Bylaws Committee will vote on Tuesday, June 4th, on changes to allow the virtual party proceedings. In the weeks following, the full DNC will vote on the resolution. Once the resolution is adopted the pre-nomination process will continue and will follow the standard order of operations.

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