Farmer Puts an End To Burglars’ Funny Business

( – A Washington State farmer and father of five held two suspected burglars at gunpoint at a farm shop he was in the process of purchasing. Sam Krautscheid had finished baling some hay with his sons on the evening of September 9th and was on his way to an Eric Church concert when they drove by the building and noticed a car parked outside.

Since there was no reason for anyone to be there at that time, Krautscheid turned his truck around and went to see what was going on. He’d also previously been the victim of robberies and runs a local crime stoppers Facebook group, so the suspects couldn’t have picked a worse target.

He told Fox News that he looked into the small car parked outside his soon-to-be farm shop and saw several curious items in the car that suggested foul play was afoot. He called 9-1-1 and loaded his handgun after no one responded to his shouts and hails to inquire if anyone was around.

After returning to the building armed, he said he saw someone on the backside of the building, and then another man appeared armed with a billy club. At that point, he pointed his weapon and ordered the men to get down on the ground. One man complied while the other began to protest claiming they were there to rent the building.

Three of his sons observed the encounter from the truck. Krautscheid said he had no idea how many men were inside, adding to his anxiety. The second man continued to protest and argue with him before police arrived. Thankfully, officers came within 6 minutes of his call despite Grant County being vast and largely rural.

Police arrested Glenn Richard, 45, of Quincy, and Jesus Rangel, 28, of Mattawa, and slapped them with second-degree burglary, a felony. Krautscheid asked the court to give the men the maximum penalty, saying that he didn’t think a quick release would help them change their patterns of behavior and that they needed time behind bars to reflect and improve themselves.

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