Hold Onto Your Wallets: Energy Prices Forecasted to Get Worse

(BrightPress.org) – President Joe Biden’s administration is continuing its ongoing policy to raise energy prices by attacking the supply of fossil fuel. Its latest move was to order a stop to all drilling on federal land in Alaska. The government generally leases land in the wilderness so companies can extract resources. Biden’s administration has been hostile to the energy industry from the start of his campaign, he famously promised a young woman that they would “end fossil fuel.”

Biden still has no problem taking money from the industry, however. He had previously stopped the government from issuing new leases in federal lands, but this new policy takes things to a new extreme.

The law of supply and demand is basic economics, as the supply of a commodity goes down its price will rise presuming demand stays constant. The cost of energy in the form of fossil fuels has only increased demand year after year as more people and more countries develop their infrastructure. Yet the Biden administration seems intent on slashing the supply of gasoline, oil, and natural gas all of which fuel everything else in our economy from transportation, to agriculture, as well as the lights and stoves in our homes.

Keep in mind that Biden won’t be nearly as impacted by rising gas prices as the average American. He doesn’t pay his electric bills either. Nearly all his expenses are covered by taxpayer dollars, and even when he leaves office he’ll have a generous stipend as well as plenty of wealthy oligarchs eager to keep his coffers full.

Biden’s new move will further increase our dependence on foreign sources of energy, and companies working overseas aren’t nearly as concerned about the environment or the harm their extraction causes as U.S. companies are.

He’s also signed a new executive order prohibiting the transportation of liquid natural gas via train. That means the only option is to ship it by truck. Natural gas is used for heating, and generating electricity which suggests the cost is going to skyrocket this winter. This massive supply issue is being created intentionally by whoever is issuing Joe Biden his marching orders and will negatively impact all Americans.

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