Iranian President Promises Total Obliteration if Israel Invades

( – Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi made a statement on Wednesday, April 17th that even the “slightest act of aggression” displayed by Israel on Iranian soil would result in a “powerful and fierce” blow to Israel. Raisi’s remarks were made on National Army Day as he addressed the Iranian Army during a ceremony at a military base in Lavizan, Tehran.

Iran launched hundreds of missiles and drones at Israel over the weekend in response to a strike on an Iranian consulate building on April 1st that killed 12 people. Two Iranian generals were among those killed. It is presumed that Israel was behind the attack, although Israel has not taken credit.

Almost every missile that was fired at Israel on Saturday was intercepted with help from Israel’s allies. The Israeli military boasted of using the country’s Iron Dome and David’s Sling systems to achieve 99% success in intercepting the missiles and drones launched by Iran.

Raisi met with Sheikh Ali Al-Khatib, the Vice President of Lebanon’s Supreme Islamic Shia Council earlier this week and remarked that this operation called “Operation True Promise” was “limited” and “punitive.” Raisi promised to respond with a much more “real and large-scale” operation for “any mistake” by Israel or its allies. He also claimed that if Iran had chosen to launch a more large-scale attack on Israel, “nothing would remain from the Zionist regime.”

The head of the Israeli Army, Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi, said that Israel would respond to Saturday’s attack but did not provide any other details. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appears to be shunning the advice of close allies that are urging restraint. Netanyahu said Israel will decide when and how to respond to Iran’s missile attack.

Israel and Hamas-supporting Iran have been in conflict for decades, but the war has escalated since Hamas launched a terror attack on Israel on October 7th. The missile assault on Saturday was the first direct Iranian military attack on Israel.

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