Mobilizing Passionate Americans to Support a Cause

( – There are many ways one can mobilize people to advance a cause. Perhaps there’s a local election coming up, or perhaps a public comment period is open on an issue you care about. Maybe there’s some legislation in Congress you want to see passed or voted down. Whatever the issue, following these basic steps can help you spread awareness and raise interest while recruiting people to your cause.

You don’t even require a lot of time or advanced planning to be successful. The following will give you basic tips and tricks to use regardless of the issue.

The first step is to create your message. This can be blasted out over your social media or sent via email. Important things to consider in your message: consider your audience and include a call to action. Your message should explain the issue briefly in language familiar to your audience and include politicians’ contact information that is appropriate to them. You don’t want to direct local residents to the incorrect Congressional Representative or Senator, for instance.

You’re encouraging them to call in and leave a brief message to the politician or agency in question. Perhaps it’s a battle against drug overdoses or continued funding of a war effort overseas. Whatever the issue, encouraging constituents to contact their government representatives and make themselves heard is necessary for a functioning democratic society.

The second step is to identify who would be receptive to your call to action. If it’s a local issue, you’ll want to include neighbors and family. If it’s national, consider branching out to contacting people you may not know very well. If there are organizations involved in the issue, you can contact them and ask them to boost your message to their mailing list.

Lastly, send the message and follow up with your closest contacts. Make it fun and challenging. See who can record the funniest call to the Senator/Representative’s office. Invite folks to create a meme on the issue. Most importantly, be yourself. Authenticity sells. Passion is contagious.

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