Republican Governor Slams Biden Over Withheld Israeli Weapons

( – Governor Doug Burgum of North Dakota harshly criticized President Joe Biden’s decision to halt weapons aid to Israel during an interview on America’s Newsroom on Thursday, May 9th. Earlier in the week, Biden halted a shipment of two different types of bombs from being sent to Israel.

Israel has been targeting areas in Gaza where they believe Hamas leaders have been hiding since Hamas attacked Israel on October 7th, 2023. More than 30,000 Palestinian civilians have been killed. Many more have been left without food or aid creating a humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu believes Hamas’ last stronghold is in Rafah. The Biden administration paused the shipments of precision bombs intended for Israel in hopes of “delivering a message” to Netanyahu that a major operation in Rafah must include a plan to protect the more than one million Palestinian civilians currently housed in the area. Biden announced he would not send any more of the precision weapons into Israel for fear they would be used in Rafah and result in preventable civilian deaths.

Netanyahu is determined to destroy every last member of Hamas and rescue Israeli hostages currently being held by the terrorist organization. He has vowed that Israel will “stand alone” if necessary and “fight with our fingernails.”

Burgum said Biden’s shift away from his previously promised “ironclad support” of Israel displays weakness. He called Biden’s apparent abandonment of America’s top ally “truly unbelievable.” He claims Biden is “negotiating for the terrorists” in an attempt to assuage the pro-Hamas members of the Democratic Party when he should be negotiating alongside Israel for the release of hostages. Burgum continued to say that this would not be happening “if President Trump was in office right now.”

Many other Republicans have spoken out against Biden’s ultimatum to Netanyahu. Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) accused Biden of caving to the “American-hating fringe of the Democrat party.”

Representative Cory Mills (R-FL) began drafting impeachment articles against Biden after several GOP lawmakers deemed the decision to halt weapons shipments an impeachable offense.

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