Ronna McDaniel Enters ‘Never Neverland’ After NBC News

( – NBC News reversed a recent decision to hire former RNC chair, Ronna McDaniel, as a political analyst and contributor. This abrupt turnabout follows multiple on-air protests from the network’s most prominent hosts.

Rachel Maddow spoke out on-air saying NBC executives should “acknowledge that maybe it wasn’t the right call” to hire McDaniel. Mika Brzezinski said on “Morning Joe” that she believes the network should have a conservative contributor, but not McDaniel, and then called McDaniel “an anti-democracy election denier.” Joy Reid agreed that the network does “welcome Republican voices” but she cannot support McDaniel because she “backed an illegal scheme to steal an election.” NBC and MSNBC hosts continued to bash McDaniel and express their outrage at her becoming part of the NBC network throughout the day and evening on Monday, March 25th.

Former President Donald Trump spoke out against NBC. He ridiculed the network for dropping McDaniel after two days calling the network “Fake News NBC”. Trump called the top executives weak and said they were “broken and embarrassed by low ratings.” Trump’s social media post also states that McDaniel is now in a precarious position politically, which Trump called “NEVER NEVERLAND,” adding that it’s “not a place you want to be.”

Cesar Conde, NBCUniversal News Group Chair wrote a note to network staff announcing his decision to terminate McDaniel’s agreement. In this note, he explained that he originally hired McDaniel because of the network’s “deep commitment” to presenting audiences with more diverse viewpoints. Conde apologized to employees and said that a newsroom cannot succeed unless it is “cohesive and aligned” and he understands that hiring McDaniel “undermines that goal.”

Hugh Hewitt, a conservative who moderated a GOP primary debate hosted by NBC last fall, said he believes terminating McDaniel was a “terrible decision” and that the network is allowing the left-leaning sister channel MSNBC to have too much influence. He continued to say that this would hurt NBC because they would lose the “74 million people who voted for Donald Trump” as viewers.

McDaniel said she plans to hire an attorney to sort out the contractual issues with NBC.

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