Damning Trump-Cohen Recording Played in Court

(BrightPress.org) – An audio recording of Donald Trump and Michael Cohen allegedly conspiring to pay off a former Playboy model to keep quiet about an alleged affair was played for the jury on Thursday, May 2nd. The audio clip was recorded secretly by Michael Cohen, Trump’s former attorney, on September 6th, 2016.

The voices of Trump and Cohen could be heard discussing how to pay “our friend, David” $150,000. “David” is presumed to be the publisher of the National Enquirer, David Pecker. The payment was intended to keep Karen McDougal, a Playboy model, from speaking out about an alleged 10-month-long affair with Trump.

During the recording, Trump was heard suggesting the payment be made by cash or check. Cohen said no because he had already been instructed by Allen Weisselberg, Trump’s former chief financial officer, about how to set up a shell company to issue the $150,000 payment. Pecker reneged on the deal and the payment was never made.

The recording did not mention Stormy Daniels, the adult film star who claims she had an affair with Trump in 2016 and was paid $130,000 to stay quiet. The ongoing “hush money” trial is centered on this payment to Daniels. Trump is charged with 34 counts of falsifying business records to cover the payment made to Daniels through Cohen.

The recording ended abruptly. According to a post by Trump on Truth Social, the audio ended just before he was about to say something “very positive.”

Doug Daus, long-time forensic analyst for the district attorney’s office, testified the recording ended because Cohen was receiving another call. Attorney for Trump, Emil Bove, questioned Daus about the integrity of the audio recording. Daus confirmed he saw no evidence of tampering with Cohen’s phone or the audio data. Daus admitted he did not have first-hand knowledge of why the audio cuts off. He also admitted there was no record found of the actual call from where it is alleged the recording originated.

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